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We know that when you send your pup with someone for an adventure you want them to be safe and happy.  That is why we are insured, bonded and first aid, cpr certified.  Safety is our number one priority.  

We promise to provide specialized care plans for your pups individual needs.  All of our walks are on leash unless you have given authorization for your pup to play in a fenced in dog park. 


Fun! Netflix binge watching just doesn't seem to do it for pups, so we have a different plan. We promise no screen time!  Our adventures are personalized to your individual pup.  Whether its an off leash park party or a stroll around the neighbourhood we aim to make sure your pups day is filled with fun. 


Always be kind!  As a dog owner I know how important it is to have our boys treated with kindness and respect.  That is why all of our interactions are based on positive reinforcement.  We promise to always treat your pup like our own including wiping paws and making sure they have fresh water. 

  We will send you a text when we pick up and drop off your pup and post pictures of them on instagram so you can follow their day.


Fun fact!  I am a Registered Nurse, that means that I know what a 12 hour shift feels like and I also know that when your relying on someone to take care of your pup, you need them to be there!  That is why we pride ourselves on reliable care, come rain or shine we will be there.

About Us

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

We base every interaction and outing on Safety, Kindness, Reliability and Fun. As dog owners ourselves we know how important it is to have the peace of mind to know your pup is safe and having a good time.  We understand that work can get busy and that you need pup care that you can rely on.  

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